Thursday, 23 February 2017

Interrobang Art & Fashion Sunflower Skirt

Bright, gorgeous, FUN! These are just some of the words that I use to describe Interrobang Art & Fashions delightful Sunflower skirt! I stumbled across this beauty whilst searching for sunflower related items on Etsy to add to my summer wardrobe and bought it instantly. I've never really liked printed fabric (preferring appliqué) but something about this design just struck me, I think it's the way the sunflowers all blend together as one big, bright, design instead of being spaced out. This has become a staple for summer as it's so loud I can wear it with simple breastfeeding singlets without looking plain. I even made a equally as loud headband to match. Yellow is not a colour I have ever worked with so it has been a very refreshing addition to my wardrobe.

Made of a lightweight cotton in a circle style, it is lovely and cool in the warmer weather, but doesn't blow and give the undies flash whilst getting the kids in and out of the car. It's easy to move in so chasing the toddler around has been a breeze. The elastic waist means I can wear it on my waist or hips. I usually wear it with a singlet and thongs/flip flops, but can wear it in slightly cooler weather with tights, boots and a shrug. I will be putting it away for winter in favour of skirts made of heavier fabric.

Made in the UK, Christina sews them freestyle without a pattern and designs the fabrics of her skirts as she is also a painter. I love that I am walking around wearing her art, I will defiantly be buying more of her work in the future. Whenever I wear this skirt, I get loads of compliments and needless to say, it has changed my mind on printed fabrics.
Pregnancy: has an elastic waistband but it's pretty thin, so probably not great for the third trimester
Toddler wrangling: absolutely perfect! I run around after mine in this skirt with ease
Suited for: Summer, Autumn and Spring (Melbourne weather)

You can find Interrobang here:

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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Colours and Themes

Colours and themes

I feel that I cannot fully explain my works in progress with you all without first explaining how I construct my outfits. For many years I mostly wore black and purple, I saw Sarah Michelle Gellar as Daphne in the live action Scooby Doo movies wearing all purple and wanted to emulate her. Of course, back then the hand made clothing market was not as awesome and explosive as it is now, so finding all purple everything (especially matching shades) was impossible, so I ended up mixing in some black to make it workable. Last year I realised that I had been wearing the same colours for approximately ten years, it's time for a change. 

Growing up I wanted to be Daphne, look at those boots!

Me in 2009
This new wardrobe project is also my way of forcing me out of my comfort zone, forcing me to work with colours I've never used. Thus far, the hardest part has been that my entire wardrobe no longer matches, I need to find the particular top that goes with the particular skirt. But that's ok, I'm working on a way to make it flow better, mainly by using a colour that I SWORE I'd never use: Brown. My best friend in high school wore lots of browns and creams, I always cringed as I had always favoured very vivid and bold colours, brown? me? never! But since my new wardrobe is inspired by nature, brown just makes sense as it's the colour of earth and tree trunks. I started working with it when I realised that my old boots were dying and I needed new ones. I ventured into Rivers last September during their 75% off winter sale and scored a pair of amazing brown boots for $15 (great way to save money is end of season sales) and since last winter in my city lasted until December (we skipped spring) I have already worn them heaps, and they are perfect!
I love that my boots no longer blend in with black tights

My new inspirations come from flowers and plants that I see whilst I'm driving. My current look I'm working on is cherry blossom themed. This is forcing me to work with pale pink, a colour I have hated since I was a young girl (I probably hate it because young girls are expected to wear pale pink) I didn't even dress my daughter in that colour! The only pinks I have ever worn is a deep magenta. But I have always been drawn to the cherry blossom, something about the sight of a line of cherry trees whilst driving down the street for the 2 weeks they're in bloom, before the wind blows them off for another year, makes me smile so much. 

Cherry Blossom look, I had didn't even think about it matching my suitcase when I got dressed that day

Another look in the works is a simple brown and green "earthy look" green makes my eyes pop, so this works, and the brown from that look flows into the brown from the cherry blossom look. My trusty Leafy Creations tops really help me pull this one off, and green goes with everything, as most plants have a coloured flower with green leaves, you never look at a plant and remark "hey! that flower does not go with it's leaves!" (ok, maybe lime green would clash a bit) so I can use this a flow as well.

I try to keep my colour flow to as little colours as possible. I have been known to run out in un-matching colours if I'm behind on the washing (which happens, a lot), but generally I like everything to match head to toe. This is where making my own gear comes in handy, even if I have purchased an item I can still wear matching accessories if I colour match and make it myself. So far I've only made simple garments like headbands, skirts and wristbands, but it's amazing how they can "make" and outfit. Shoes are the hardest as I can't make them myself, I also dislike wearing cheap shoes as they hurt my feet, so my shoe collection isn't very impressive at the moment.

Cherry Blossom Headband I designed and made

Living in Melbourne, the infamous "four seasons in a day city", means that all of my looks (except maybe my big winter coats) have to be suitable for every season all year round. We get 19 degree days on the back of 38 ones, it's crazy. Currently it  is summer, so I am putting more focus on skirts and such rather than pants. Most outfits consist of a TPF Faerie Wear shrug (to be reviewed at a later time) a headband made by me, a skirt made by me and a breastfeeding singlet from Kmart. Nice breastfeeding tops are insanely expensive and harder to make. I find that tops are the one item of clothing that it's hard to find awesome but practical items. they're usually the garment that comes with halter necks, strapless, buckles etc (see my introduction blog for my clothing criteria) so I've found it best to make this item as simple as possible and deck out your outfit another way.

As we head into Autumn I will be looking at working with another foreign colour pallet: warm colours! Exciting stuff.

I hope this will help give you a better understanding for when you see my work in progress shots. I will soon do a blog on my headbands and the "Hanky hem saga" (who knew the simplest skirt could be a saga).

Until then, take care everyone!

Know or make any clothes that you think I'd love? Send me a link and I'll check them out! I'm always looking for more artists to buy from.

I am not affiliated or endorsed by any of the brands I mention or review, I'm just an avid fan.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Leafy Creations

 Leafy Creations

A perfect place to start this blog is Leafy Creations, a Melbourne based pixie clothing store run by the lovely Amanda. I was ecstatic to stumble across this brand whilst doing my usual rounds of hunting etsy for fairy clothes as it is EXACTLY what I am after! The idea behind it is the clothes actually look like they are cut from a plant, rather than just having plant images on them, it reminds me of the Fairies in the Tinkerbell movies (of which my two year old and I watch on a daily basis). In this post I will be specifically reviewing the Leafy print tank top and the Leafy print mini skirt as that is what I currently own. Leafy products are also ethically made over seas or by Amanda herself.

This top reminds me of Fairy Mary from Tinkerbell
The leafy print tank top is absolutely brilliant as it solves the biggest issue that I have with most custom made "festival clothes" and that is it's not a halter neck! It is unbelievably hard to find tops that are singlet or tank top style, let alone ones that can be breastfed in, that's right, you can breastfeed in these! The basic shape of this top is a triangle cut tank top, but the bottom hem is shaped in a "V" to make it more pixie styled. the whole top has a leaf texture pattern to it, which is the main feature. It flares out from under the bust and gives a very flattering shape. The fact that it's a triangle cut means that you can just pull it to the side and easily breastfeed! A feature not usually found on a garment not specifically designed for feeding, which means I can keep on wearing it even after I've weaned. Unfortunately, even though it's very stretchy fabric, I was unable to wear this during pregnancy once I got a proper baby bump. The only downside I can see with this garment is the downside to any hand made garment, and that is the care needed while washing. Because the leaf print is just that, a print, it needs to be washed on a cold delicates cycle to keep the print in tact (technically the label says to hand wash, but I throw it on a hand wash cycle of my machine) I've started doing a weekly delicates wash for all my fairy clothes to keep the amount of washing down.

Very easy to breastfeed in
In summary:
Pregnancy: Not suitable for later months
Breastfeeding: It is very easy to breastfeed in this
Toddler Wrangling: this top is so comfortable that I can easily run around after my toddler

Leaf print mini
I love my mini! it's so cute and fun! Made up of several panels and cut to resemble leaves with the same leaf textured print as featured on the tank top, you really do look like a fairy. the waistband is soft and stretchy, very comfortable and easy to move it. The only issue I came across with this garment (aside from the delicate washing needed) is that it is VERY short and does risk a bit of an undies flash (especially on a windy day whilst I'm putting the kids in the car) I combat this by wearing bike/ exercise shorts underneath, or leggings and a longer skirt. It really does make a great accessory.

In summary:
Pregnancy: I could wear it all the way through due to soft stretchy waistband
Breastfeeding: n/a
Toddler Wrangling: easy to run around in, but wear something underneath

All in all, this is a FANTASTIC brand of which I hope to collect more and more of over time! You won't be hearing the last about them from me!

I have since been contacted by a few people who wash their leafies on a normal 30/40 wash and they still look fabulous! So I have started washing mine like that as well

You can find and purchase their products here:

See you all next time!