Friday, 21 July 2017

Revisiting an old project

A few year back, in between having my daughter and becoming pregnant with my son I had this crazy idea that I would make a project "folio style' to one day apply ti fashion school. This turned out to be a big disaster as i was biting off more than I could chew. I have since realised that I will never go to fashion school, the way they want you to work is not the way I like to work would rather be freelance and work for myself than any major label anyway.  Another hiccup (and the biggest one) was cost, I could not afford the garments I had designed. however, through the discovery of upcyling and the sheer desire of having fun driving me (rather than impressing school people) I've decided to take up the project again! My journey so far has been all about clothes that allow me to function as a mum, it's about time I let myself work on something fun with no limitations (other than my own skill limit, of course).

I guess I should probably explain what the project is, I present to you: The Disney Princess Faery Project! I've always been a lover of Disney ever since I can remember, and like most Disney fans, the princess set draws me in. even when I was childless I loved them and watched them on a regular basis, the fact that my daughter now loves them is even better! An old Tafe friend of mine started a Dr Who project where he transformed himself into each Dr in a high fashion interpretation, that is what I want to do, I won't be directly dressing and copying the outfits exactly , but heavily using them as inspiration. I will be drawing inspiration not just from the original cartoons, but also from the tv show once upon a time and the recent live action movies (if that princess has been made into one). At once point I had the idea of using different models, but in the true sense of "work with what you have" (which is my motto at the moment) I will just be using me, it might actually be really interesting to see how much I can "transform myself" or if I'll just look like the same person in a different outfit, either way, we shall see.

The difficulties I will face during this challenge are hair, makeup and photography, as I have limited experience with all of these. I wish I had a friend with a good camera and a flare for photography (like I did back in my school days) or a model to use. I actually prefer to be behind the camera, but i will work with what I have, and I have myself.

One of the first princess I will be doing is Snow White, as she was the one I was working on way back when so I already have designs and the materials I could afford, I will be pulling pictures and designs from my old blog to show you, but will also be adding new elements since I am now doing it "up cycle style". I still haven't decided how far I'll go in terms of details and such, especially since I don't have to money for a proper photographer and I don't want this to be a "one outfit a year" deal taking 12+ years! But i may learn how to make wings just to add an extra "faery feel". I am also working on Aurora from sleeping beauty as I have a design in mind and the materials I need for it.

The Snow White Designs I came up with
I really hope that this time I actually succeed, it is a huge task (so. many. princesses) but I think I can do it now that I have a bigger following and skills behind me. I even get the feeling that my daughter will be joining me in simpler costumes (as in tutus) I hope you are all as excited about this as i am! Looking forward to getting started.

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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Sew Fae Nursing Top

It’s so hard to find good nursing tops, let alone Faery ones! It’s even rarer to find long sleeved tops. I managed to get through summer by wearing dyed singlets and jazzing up my looks with skirts and headbands, but as winter starts to set in and layering is hard (due to the need to have easy boob access) I really want the warmest I can get. Even my local Kmart only had short sleeved. So when I saw this tunic top listed on Sew Faes facebook page, I snapped it up the minute it went on sale!
Sew Fae is a UK based company run by Olivia, who designs and makes all of the garments out of upcycled materials. Unlike some stores (TPF for example) she does not have a standard stock list where you select your garment and colour scheme to be made to order, she creates a line and you buy what’s premade for that season. I’ve had my eye on her work for ages but have been limited as to what I can buy due to the need to breastfeed. You can imagine how excited I was when this beauty was listed! Not only was it long sleeved and nursing, it was RED! Red just happens to be the colour of my wardrobe for this season! It arrived in a timely fashion and I have worn it many many times since.

The nursing part of the top is brilliant, as it’s not obvious that it’s nursing (so I can continue to wear it long after weaning) and it’s not the “flap style” which drapes over the baby’s head and annoys me. It’s not really for “discreet” feeding but I find that the discreet styles are very awkward as you need to keep prying them open, this one is perfect as I just pull the side and chuck bubs on. The top is very long, so if I were pregnant I could wear it for both pregnancy and breastfeeding but it also works well even without the belly. It doesn’t work with skirts, so I wear it with tights if it’s on the cool side and pants if on the cold side. The colours are divine and work with a red or purple based theme. It is well made and comfortable to wear.

To summarise:
Pregnancy: Top is long enough to wear all the way through (bump sizes vary of course)
Breastfeeding: Superb and easy! But not discreet
Toddler Wrangling: I can move with ease and chase her down
I highly recommend Sew Fae, Olivia is a lovely and passionate person. Her work is a joy to show up on my news feed when she updates. She has mentioned that she will try and include more nursing tops in her future lines, but you’ll have to beat me to them!

You can find Sew Fae here:

***I am not affiliated or endorsed by any of the brands I mention or review, I'm just an avid fan.***

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