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The Mumtum Skirt- Queen the Label

For this review, I'm going to be talking about a garment that was actually designed for mums by a mum. Designer Constance Hall is an Australian blogger mostly known for her raw, honest and sometimes controversial blog posts, but over time she has also become known for her bohemian style of clothing. Last year she posted a picture of the Mumtum prototype, which was met with enthusiasm from her follows ("Queens") and a few months ago she announced that the design was for sale in her online store under her new clothing line "Queen the Label". Now, a bohemian maxi skirt designed for mums? I knew there and then I had to buy one and review it! Being that this skirt is marketed at mums (as apposed to being a happy coincidence it works for mum life) I went into this purchase with very high expectations and the intent to be tough on it, so I decided to take it on a test drive to test any clothing items comfort: Healesville Sanctuary on a post rainy day, the result? I ho…