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Autumn Wear

With the Autumn FINALLY here and the leaves on the trees changing colours, I've started to add more reds, yellows and oranges into my wardrobe. Since red is my favourite out of the three I am using it as the dominant colour. Here is the first outfit I have put together. My pre existing brown boots and dyed-brown maternity singlet are the base, with the occasional pair or tights if needed (since autumn is a tricky season, layering is needed) this look is mainly for the days that are on the warmer side.

Autumn Petal Skirt After deciding I wanted a break from the hanky hem skirt, I wanted to try a new design. Still favouring the circle skirt (because apparently I don't wear anything else) I decided to try my hand at a style I have seen used frequently in faery clothing: the "panel style". This is basically a circle skirt cut into panels and sewn together as apposed to being one large piece. This helps with the fact that it's hard to find fabric wide enough and also to…

TPF Faerie Wear Korrigan Shrug

This week I will be talking about one of my favourite items from my absolute favourite designer, TPF Faerie Wears Korrigan Shrug! if you have been following me for awhile or know me in real life, you will have defiantly seen me in one. Based it Whitby, UK, TPF is run by husband and wife team Helen and Steve, although Helen is the main drive behind the operation. She designs and sews, he photographs and sews. I stumbled across them years ago when shrugs was one of the only things they sold, now they have a massive range (and my bank account is paying for it!) of pretties for sale! I love that I am supporting a family by purchasing their products.
The first shrug I ever bought was actually for my bridesmaid back in 2013 as our venue was quite chilly and I took pity on her. I just bought a plain white one as she wore a white and green dress. Being made of eco-friendly recycled polyester fleece, she was lovely and warm on the day (I wish I could say the same for myself...). I loved it so…