TPF Faerie Wear Korrigan Shrug

This week I will be talking about one of my favourite items from my absolute favourite designer, TPF Faerie Wears Korrigan Shrug! if you have been following me for awhile or know me in real life, you will have defiantly seen me in one. Based it Whitby, UK, TPF is run by husband and wife team Helen and Steve, although Helen is the main drive behind the operation. She designs and sews, he photographs and sews. I stumbled across them years ago when shrugs was one of the only things they sold, now they have a massive range (and my bank account is paying for it!) of pretties for sale! I love that I am supporting a family by purchasing their products.

Shrug used for a bridesmaid
The first shrug I ever bought was actually for my bridesmaid back in 2013 as our venue was quite chilly and I took pity on her. I just bought a plain white one as she wore a white and green dress. Being made of eco-friendly recycled polyester fleece, she was lovely and warm on the day (I wish I could say the same for myself...). I loved it so much that I purchased a black one for me, that was the first item of Faery clothes I ever owned and I still wear it to this day!

The basic anatomy of this shrug is flared bell sleeves (although other options are now available) a "pixie point" back and a long "pixie hood" (again, other hood variations are now available) that is fastened at the front with a two buttons. The thing I love most about this designs in terms of being "mum friendly" is that it is completely over the bust! it does not touch my boobs at all and I don't have to worry about pushing it aside to feed. Living in Melbourne, I often leave the house and it is cold only to have it warm up later in the day, this shrug is perfect to throw on for the chilly mornings and not be big and bulky to carry back with me in the warmer afternoons. I have had a few cracks from people about "half my jumper being missing" but honestly it really does provide the perfect level of warmth, particularly in spring and autumn. Sometimes you want something to just throw over your shoulders. Since it does not cover your lower body at all it works perfect for the entire length of pregnancy.
35 weeks pregnant with my daughter

Last year I ordered two more of them in slightly different designs. Even though the basics remain the same, the look (and the price) can vary drastically due to their various colour and appliqué options. My pink shrug is of their "two tone" variety, which is achieved through sewing different colours together in stripes. I ordered mine to be part of my cherry blossom look and made a hanky hem to match. I also ordered a dark green variety with felted blue butterflies on them, it is gorgeous and so well made, the felting allows for a much nicer look than stitching. Both of these cost the same as each other, but considerably more than my good old plain black due to the amount of work required.

The only downside would probably be the flared sleeves can get in the way sometimes, but I find that I can easily fold them up whilst changing nappies, it really just depends HOW easy you want your clothes to be, the have a sleeve option called 'Satyr' which does not have the long belle sleeves, but I am yet to try it. I have changed many many nappies whilst wearing it and have wrangled my toddler equally as many times. It is also made of fleece, so in Australia it is not an all year round item, but if the weather permits I am rarely seen without one. It goes really well with jeans and a t-shirt or part of a more elaborate look, because of this, this garment receives my highest recommendation!

To summarise
Pregnancy: Ideal for the whole gestation as it does not cover lower body
Breastfeeding: Leaves boobs completely exposed so feeding is easy
Toddler wrangling: can be tricky to change nappies in, but not impossible

Elle Woods eat your heart out

Find them here

The green top is Leafy Creations:

This will not be the last TPF review you see from me, but I will try and spread them apart.

Until next time,

***I am not affiliated or endorsed by any of the brands I mention or review, I'm just an avid fan.***

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  1. I love the look of the shrug but worry my boobs would get cold! Haha!

    Your bridesmaid's dress is gorgeous!

    1. haha that's why I wear it in more autumn-spring rather than full on winter! and thank you! next weeks blog will be a wedding special as it's my anniversary


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