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For this review, I'm going to be talking about a garment that was actually designed for mums by a mum. Designer Constance Hall is an Australian blogger mostly known for her raw, honest and sometimes controversial blog posts, but over time she has also become known for her bohemian style of clothing. Last year she posted a picture of the Mumtum prototype, which was met with enthusiasm from her follows ("Queens") and a few months ago she announced that the design was for sale in her online store under her new clothing line "Queen the Label". Now, a bohemian maxi skirt designed for mums? I knew there and then I had to buy one and review it! Being that this skirt is marketed at mums (as apposed to being a happy coincidence it works for mum life) I went into this purchase with very high expectations and the intent to be tough on it, so I decided to take it on a test drive to test any clothing items comfort: Healesville Sanctuary on a post rainy day, the result? I honestly can't say anything bad about it!

But I'm getting a head of myself, let's talk about the design. It's actually fairly straightforward, a floor length circle skirt with a thick 18" belting elastic at the top. The idea is to hold in your stomach in an anti-muffin top way and to allow for weight fluctuations. It does this wonderfully! As a fellow mum who now has a softer stomach after children, it makes me feel so confident whilst being extremely comfortable. It gives the shape of a skirt with a zip, but without the discomfort that comes with the zips restriction (aka, I can actually breathe!). It's made of a rayon fabric which hangs and flows just beautifully and allows for full range of moment (always a plus when you have to chase around toddlers whilst carrying a baby)

There's four different designs to choose from, I was immediately drawn to the "Blossom" print, as cherry blossoms are my favourite flower and the theme for my spring wardrobe. I've also been looking for more skirts to go with my pink TPF Faeriewear shrug and cherry blossom headband. The other prints, Multiflower and Star, are stunning too, with Black Hearted B!tch being added by popular demand after the first run.

Sizing seems to be the biggest talked about concern with this skirt, so I will do the best I can to convey how it works. First off, it very much depends on how tight you want your skirt to fit. I am a size 10-12 waist and I ordered an 8. The 8 fits me well and does the job whilst allowing my tummy to comfortably expand after eating. I could have easily fitted into a 6 if I wanted to give the illusion of having a smaller waist than I do, kind of in a corset type way, but I find from previous experiences with belting elastic that it gives me a sore tummy after extended periods of wear. I recommend one size down for your normal for a snug fit and two sizes for a corset fit. Length is a little more tricky, as the length of the skirt gets shorter the smaller the size goes, so if you're tall with a tiny waist it will be too small. However, due to the nature of the elastic, you could order the large size and wear it on your hips (tight elastic measured for your waist isn't going to be as comfortable on your hips, so measure your hips). Luckily the website has a measurement guide and a 30 return policy if you order the wrong size and it doesn't fit. The sizing range is 6-20.

Functionality, I've previously mentioned that I wore this skirt for a long day around Healesville Sanctuary (a zoo) and it performed perfectly! I was able to hitch it up around my boobs so it didn't drag on the ground at all (in all those muddy puddles!) I even ran around and climbed on the play equipment after the three year old with no issues. This skirt can wok for all seasons, from being paired with just a tank top for summer or with a light cardigan for spring-autumn or leggings and a fleece jacket for winter.

The best part of this product is the price, most of the items I review are up there in prices, but this one is only $50AU! very reasonable for a maxi skirt (I never compare to Kmart prices). All in all, it does not disappoint, it does exactly what it says it will do and is the perfect product for a bohemian/hippy/fashion loving mum.

You can purchase it here:
Constance Halls Blog:
Pink shrug is TPF Faeriewear:

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