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My new favourite items for winter have arrived; and they are TPF Fearie Wears balloon flares and regular flares! I have been dying to order a pair since they were released, but had to wait until the weather cooled down enough (and had to agonise over the right colours, of course). But now that they are here, it’s hard to get me out of them, even for the wash. Pants, I find, are a hard one to get comfortable whilst still looking fashionable. The standard “mum pants” these days are just leggings, which I just get too cold in, jeggings are the next best thing, but the “denim look” isn’t really my thing. And jeans, well, they’re too hard to move in. Most people who are partial to the same styles as I wear harem pants, which I find very unappealing to the eye and tracksuit pants just look a bit daggy. Yes, pants are a hard one, but TPF has solved all my problems.

Balloon Flares
Oh boy, these are the best pants I have ever worn! Ever since my tweens I have LOVED ridiculous flares, I used to own a pair of “parachute” black pants from Supre until they died, I always got lots of comments about being able to jump out of a plane and float. And for years I purchased the biggest flares I could find, until skinny leg became the fashion. The only problem with this style was that they dragged on the ground and in puddles. But the TPF pants? None of that! they have a nice little band around the ankles that holds the pants above the ground! Made of TPFs recycled fleece, the pants are super warm and stretchy, allowing me full range of movement, I wear them EVERYWHERE, from lounging around the house, grocery shopping I have even chased my toddler on my hands and knees in a playcentre wearing these babies! I even have a cry when they need to be washed. Helen, the designer, has said she does yoga in these pants and I believe her! They are so nice to wear. The only downside is that there is so much material that sometimes I trip over when getting up or snag them when I walk past something. But this is the price you pay if you’re partial to flares!

Vertical Flares
This design is a little less complex and unusual than the balloon flares as they are just normal flares. But they are still made of the same gorgeous comfortable STRETCHY fleece! I do find that they are tighter and more flattering, they are fantastic for making your butt look good! Like most of TPFs designs, this one can be tweaked from “blend into the crowd” to a real head turner (Like my pair) depending on what you order. Also, depending on the order is the price, with the plain flares being almost half the price of the horizontal 6 tone flares. Like my balloon flares, I wear these everywhere but unfortunately, I ordered them is a very specific colour scheme so I must match the rest of my clothes carefully.

One of the biggest concerns I have seen people voice is the low rise, but this has not been an issue at all. I ordered mine on the slightly larger side and the drawstring enables me to tie them a little higher if I want. If you can only afford one style, they really do fit the same. I am partial to the balloon flares as I love how they fall and the cuff around the ankle, but I can see how they may be a bit over the top for some. It really comes down to personal preference. Another thing to note about these pants is how good they make your booty look, men WILL stare, women WILL stare, heck, even you WILL stare at your own reflection whilst wearing these, and if people aren’t’ staring you’ll be wondering why! In conclusion, I can’t recommend these pants enough! they are seriously one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

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The green top is Leafy Creations:

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  1. I've never been comfy in pants! Loose pants are so much better!


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